iPhone 5 is 'slowest smartphone' In Test of 7 Popular Smartphone

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iPhone 5 is 'slowest smartphone' In Test of 7 Popular Smartphone
Test of the seven most well liked Smartphones found that iPhone five came last, process requests at 0.5 the speed of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The phones were placed through a series of benchmark tests to live processor and memory performance, that show however quickly the phone can permit picture piece of writing, running graphic-intensive games, and victimization many apps right away. Samsung Galaxy S4, the quickest phone of these tested,
has a 1.9GHz quad-core processor that helped generate its spectacular score. The phone received a mark of 3188 on the business recognized check, compared to Apple iPhone 5's 1664 score. Which? Client watchdog said: “We place all the handsets through identical tests. Without doubt, Apple can upgrade its next iPhone once it launches this fall. "For the instant, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 are that the phone to beat once it involves speed." The second quickest phone was hierarchical as HTC One that encompasses a quad-core one. 7-inch processor and 2GB Ram. Which? Aforesaid the phone "will offer many punches for phone homeowners WHO use Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and Angry Birds all at identical time." Sony's Xperia Z came in an exceedingly shut third, followed by Google's Nexus four that had simply thirty-nine fewer points. however the fourth place phone is over £200 cheaper than any of these within the prime 3. The final phones to complete the set where Samsung's Galaxy Note two and therefore the BlackBerry Z10 that came in fifth and sixth severally


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