How to remove "Power by Blogger" from your blogspot

On : 1:32 PM

how to remove,power by blogger,blogger,blogspotDear friends today I share a little tip. Its help how to remove "Power by Blogger" from blogger so let

Way to Remove Power by Blogger of Blogspot:

01. Go to Blogger Dashboard
02. Now Click on Template...Next Edit HTML
03. after that just press Ctrl+F and search this word Attribution

Find this below code
<b:widget id='Attribution1'locked='true'  title='' type='Attribution'/>

04. Now just replace one word " true  " of this and write here false.
05. Save template.

Next Process:
06. Go to layout option of blogger.
07. Now remove the Attribution gadget.
Every this is done now just reload your blog, you can't see Power by Blogger