How to Increase your Copy Paste Speed by Super Copier Software

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Dear Friend today i teach how to increase your Data copy paste speed by super copier (2.2) software.If you don't have this software download from below download link.
Super Copier 2.2
(Log in your gmail account download from Google drive)
Now setup this software your computer.before setup if you install any other copy paste related software please remove it and setup this download .exe file in your computer.
Now this is the question -  
How Increase Copy Paste Speed of your  Super Copier Software?
Just following the below instruction & see screen shots:
01.Run your software from windows start menu.
02.Now Starting your expected copy paste data pc from other device (Pen drive)
03.When you starting copy then appear picture below like that
How to,Increase,Copy Paste Speed,Super Copier Software
05.There have a Unfold option now click here.
How to Increase,Copy Paste Speed,Super Copier Software
06.Now enable your copy spreed limit & click on Fold up
Your task is completed, enjoy super copy paste data speed by Super Copier Software.

* Speed depend on your computer configuration if your PC with high configuration you get high speed.


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