How to Make Table in Blogger without Coding

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Most of the newbie blogger want to create table in blogger but they are failed because they have not sufficient knowledge about HTML coding once time am also suffer such types of problem and search internet about how to create table in blogger. A lot of browsing I found a solution how to solve about this problem.

So today I discuss how to make table in your blog without knowledge of HTML or any coding.
Benefit of Table in Blogger -Table makes your post attractive; you can attract your data serially.

Process of make table in Blogger:

Create Table in Excel of MS Word:
01. First create table with your expected data in MS Excel or word sheet with color & design.
02. When your table done just copy this table.

How to convert table in HTML:
How to Make,Table,Blogger, without,Coding
01. Go to Tableizer and paste your copied table in this site box.
02. If you need,you can also change front, heading color, front size.
03. After the all process you click on the Tableizer.
04. Now copy your Table coding.
How to insert it into the blogger post:
01. Go to the blogger Dashboard.
02. Next click on new post or where you want to show table.
03. Change your Compose mood to HTML mood of your post.
04. Now just paste those coding here & Click on compose and publish it.

Finally wonderful table you can make without know about any coding or HTML.
Enjoy happy blogging. To get such types of blogger tips & tricks join this blog as a follower.


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