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Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird Update

Today I discuss on the Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird Update with the short process but you can easily able understand those update what are change & what was added.
Panda,Penguin, Humming Bird,Update

Panda Update:

First Come: February 2011
Next Come: January 2012 (Updates 3 Times)
Main Purpose: Make Google search quality full & protect spamming.
How it work:
1. Human Quality Raters for
Down ranked sites
2. Solving poor experience
3. Stop Spamdexing
4. Little Content above the Fold

Result: almost 12% change result for that reason it came to big change & it was hot news for the webmasters. Google started Re-Consideration System & feedback system.
Most effect:
This update mostly affects those sites which content are fully spam. Stop black hat process of SEO.

Google Penguin Update:

For developing search result more quality full & standard Google go to Penguin update.
First come: April 24, 2012
Next Come: May 25, October 25, 2012-
(Penguin 1.1, 3.0 etc)

Main Purpose: Indicate the poor quality page and show only quality full pages in search.

How it’s Work:
1. Real anti Spam Anchor Text
2. Poor Duplicate Content
3. Duplicate or Poor pages
4. To Find and Kick out
Doorway Pages
5. To stop Cloaking

Change Almost 3.1 % English language sites in search result beside other language sites.
Most Important:
Not only Duplicate Content who was follows Doorway Pages, Cloaking technique stopped them. For that reason great change in Google search engine and most of Person feel down in danger.

Google Humming Bird Update:
First Come: September 27, 2013
(15th Birthday of Google)
Next time: It is the last update.

Main purpose:
01. Important on Long Sentence
Search & make human friendly.
02. Better Understanding in
Human Concept Searches
03. Complex text searches

For this update there have not significant change in search engine but previous update rules are remain same position because hummingbird is the final part Panda and Penguin update of & here also give demand on page rank for some areas.


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