How to Make Money by Uploading Files/Sharing Files

By : Unknown
On : 12:35 AM
There are lot of ways to make money online.Make money by Uploading Files/Sharing Files is the one of them.Today i discuss about a wonderful site.Here you can earn handsome money per month if you work trick fully .
How to,Make Money,Uploading Files,Sharing Files

You can earn now more over 50 USD dollar per successful 1000 downloads and they give payout every country monthly on 20th.

Choose Your Business Plan:
How to,Make Money,Uploading Files,Sharing Files
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How it Works:
1. You get points for complete downloads and non-complete downloads of any file.
2. When you reach 30$ you can request to payout that means minimum payout is 30$.
3. Payments Processor:
Bank Transaction

4. Payments give issue on the 20th of every Month. 
So set your plan which file you upload video,songs,software,apps,books etc and enjoy make money..


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