How to Create Popup Window for Blogger | Popup Ads Code

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Dear Today I share an awesome tips for blogger or newbie who want to create popup window or ads code for your blogger blogs.It is a so much important for blogger because you can increasing visitors from one blog to another blog besides increasing your earning and page view.
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How to create a popup window for Blogger:

It a very simple you can easily do this task. Just follow the below instruction.
01. Login and go to your blogger dashboard.
02. Click on layout menu of blogger.
03. Take a HTML/JavaScript gadget.
04. Copy the below script or code from below and paste HTML/JavaScript content area and save it.
Now reload your blog site and enjoy it.


<script type="text/javascript">
document.body.onclick= function(){'your web address', 'poppage', 'toolbars=0, scrollbars=1, location=0, statusbars=0, menubars=0, resizable=1, width=650, height=650, left = 300, top = 50');

>> Just change your website url and if you want to change size your expected Pop Up Ad you can change it according to you0r needs.

Thanks everybody, have a nice day. If you face problems drop your comment below comment box.


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