Understanding Drain Problems

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A blocked drain is definitely one of the most frequent domestic issues that an ordinary household will face as many as 4 times a week. While most cases of blocked drains can be handled with the least effort, other cases can be quit daunting. However, few cases end up with the need for professional drain repair of a broken drain. Even when making use of processional drain cleaning services, the amount of effort and expertise needed to tackle a blocked drain issue will depend on the type of drain involved.
Understanding Drain Problems

What is a Drain?

A drain does not only refer to the visible hole with either a plastic or metallic cover when seen from above. It also consists of a sink trap that is found beneath the cover. The function of the trap is to prevent foul-smelling sewer gas from getting into the house. The sewer gas is produced by the bacterial decomposition of organic matter within a sewer system. The trap resembles the letter and that is lying horizontally with the rounded end facing downward. However, the shape of a drain trap does not form a complete loop as it does on the upper part of the letter.

The trap is able to stop sewer gas since its design allows a bit of water to correct in the rounded downward facing part of overall shape. This region of the trap also tends to accumulate solid matter which causes a drain to block. This means in order to unblock a drain, the solid matter that has accumulated in the trap must be removed. In most scenarios the use of a plunger is sufficient to unclog the trap thus allowing the flow of water down the drain. A commercial drain cleaner can be used as a preventive measure for drain blockage.

Types of Drains
Some of the common types of drains found in the home include the following:-
a. Sink drains
b. Toilet drains
c. Floor drains
d. Basement drains
e. Shower drains
f. Bathtub drains

The frequency with which a particular drain gets blocked depends greatly on the location of the drain within the home. For example the kitchen sink drain is the drain that experiences the highest rate of blockage. This is because the grease contained in food tends to solidify within the trap rather rapidly. However, unclogging a kitchen drain is not a major challenge to someone armed with a plunger. Furthermore, the use of a commercial drain cleaner liquid can be effective in preventing the accumulation of matter within the drain trap.

A Broken Drain

A drain is said to be broken when it becomes impossible to unclog. This can occur when the obstruction within the trap cannot be removed through the use of conventional methods. In such a scenario the only remedy to resolving the problem is replacing the traps. In order to carry out this drain repair it is necessary to remove the concrete surrounding the drain trap. Once the replacement has been successfully done, the trap has to be completely cemented in once more.


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