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High Page Rank edu Blog Site Comment List

We know the value of high page rank blog site comment.In my personal need i make a High Page Rank edu blog site Comment List.I think it will be helpful to you and don't waste your time to search High PR Rank edu blog site Comment List. edu backlink help to get your site Page Rank very quickly. So just download those  edu site link from below download link :
High Page Rank,edu Blog Site,Comment List
Here you get update 71 site list (2014) and most of them High PR and easy to comment.If any one face problem please drop comment blow comment box.

Look at a glance Panda,Penguin and Humming Bird Update

Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird Update

Today I discuss on the Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird Update with the short process but you can easily able understand those update what are change & what was added.
Panda,Penguin, Humming Bird,Update

Panda Update:

First Come: February 2011
Next Come: January 2012 (Updates 3 Times)
Main Purpose: Make Google search quality full & protect spamming.
How it work:
1. Human Quality Raters for
Down ranked sites
2. Solving poor experience
3. Stop Spamdexing
4. Little Content above the Fold

Result: almost 12% change result for that reason it came to big change & it was hot news for the webmasters. Google started Re-Consideration System & feedback system.
Most effect:
This update mostly affects those sites which content are fully spam. Stop black hat process of SEO.

Google Penguin Update:

For developing search result more quality full & standard Google go to Penguin update.
First come: April 24, 2012
Next Come: May 25, October 25, 2012-
(Penguin 1.1, 3.0 etc)

Main Purpose: Indicate the poor quality page and show only quality full pages in search.

How it’s Work:
1. Real anti Spam Anchor Text
2. Poor Duplicate Content
3. Duplicate or Poor pages
4. To Find and Kick out
Doorway Pages
5. To stop Cloaking

Change Almost 3.1 % English language sites in search result beside other language sites.
Most Important:
Not only Duplicate Content who was follows Doorway Pages, Cloaking technique stopped them. For that reason great change in Google search engine and most of Person feel down in danger.

Google Humming Bird Update:
First Come: September 27, 2013
(15th Birthday of Google)
Next time: It is the last update.

Main purpose:
01. Important on Long Sentence
Search & make human friendly.
02. Better Understanding in
Human Concept Searches
03. Complex text searches

For this update there have not significant change in search engine but previous update rules are remain same position because hummingbird is the final part Panda and Penguin update of & here also give demand on page rank for some areas.

How to create Quality SEO friendly Content/Article (Killer Tips)

Recently Google change Search engine algorithm (Hummingbird).In this algorithm Google change a lot & gives more important on quality content/article. For that reason now content is the king of SEO, SEO specialist are said that 80% SEO job are Completed if your content is quality full, so today I discuss on how to create quality & SEO friendly article.

01.Select proper topic:
When you write article topic selection is that great fact. We must select recent demandable topic of market. That carry huge visitor your site.

After that you must select which topics that are create long time impact on market & carry visitors for long time. So don’t try to post short time popular article.

02. Copy idea but never copy content:
Always try to write unique article and never copy paste others content. If you are not able to write, you should visit & study many blog or site for your topic. Gather knowledge and idea, finally write an awesome article.

03. Try to write article up to 500 words:
When you write article about 100-200 words it will be odd. In a quality article you must have minimum 500 up words. Informative long article are more important to the readers.

04. Keyword Density/Staffing:
You should follow keyword density rule, when you create content. In your article your keyword density should not be across the Keyword staffing limit.

05. External or Internal Link:
For keep your visitor long time we use internal related links in your content but if your content is small (few words) & more use internal, external link that will be bad for your site.

06. Use of H1 Tag:
Never use one more H1 tag in your article. Otherwise you Google can make plenty & reduce visitor your blog/site.

07. Try to avoid article rewriting software or tools:
When a man copied another article and rewrite by software or tools. Though it make a unique article but most of the line meaning are not same for that reason visitor hamper to read this article and never like visit your site next time.

25 Killer Ways Get Quality Backlinks

We can divided SEO in two part one is on-page SEO another is off-page SEO. Backlinks is very important part of offpage SEO so that reason, we create huge backlink for our website but when want to create google page rank with in short time then we need Quality backlinks.
Quality backlink help to increase page rank and increasing tariff .So now I discuss how to make quality backlinks by 25 killer ways:
25 Killer Ways,Get Quality Backlinks

01. Guest-Blogging other popular blogs.
02. Comment in Dofollow blog sites.
03. Join the relevant forum discussion and give your site link.
04. Add your blog link in Signature of High page rank forum site.
05. Increasing your activities in popular social network site Such as Facebook,Google Plus,,Digg, Stumbleupon ..Etc
06. Make Question about your blog in Answer Question site such as yahoo Answer.
07. When you make post use internal relevant link of your others post.
08. Submit your site Top directory site.
09. Submit your blog in top blog directory site.
10. Submit your site in Niche directory site.
11. Feed submits in feeder submitted site.
12. In the press release Sites site submit your press release. Such as Newsvine
13. Submit your RSS in RSS submitted site.
14. Most of the forum site has blog review section in here give your blog review.
15. Make a PDF book by your all or separate post of your blog and share it on the document sharing sites.
16. Write awesome review on the product of Top company by this ways they can give backlink of your site.
17. For promote your blog uses web2.0 sites.
18. Write high quality content for that reason you can get strong backlinks.
19. Try to write most popular recent history. (Hot cake Topics)
20. Submit your site in Dmoz Directory site.
21. Try to create backlink in edu./govt./org. site because Search engine give more important those sites.
22. Promote your site in popular group Such as Yahoo, Google Group.
23. Open page in Wikipedia and add your blog or site link in research section.
24. Submit your site/blog in Technorati it helps to improve rank of site.
25. Try to write post in “The Ultimate” Title .it also helps to get more backlinks of your site.
>>>If anyone face any problems just drop your comment below comment box.

How to Manage your blog/site 1st Page in Search Engine

SEO,Page Rank,1Every blogger have to dream to see his blog in first page of search engine (Google,Yahoo,Bing etc)but is not
Now I try to discuss how to manage your blog 1st page in search engine according to Google panda, penguin recent rules and laws.
so easy if you don’t work according to and don’t follow rules regulation of webmaster. Beside you must work hard otherwise you can’t get passion in search engine.

Way to get your blog in 1st page:
01. High Quality content:
Content is always king. Once time it was possible by creating huge backlinks but present time content is one of the great factors that your content is quality full or not. Recent time Google panda penguin gives more important on High Quality content.
Past time who are earn 500$ to 1000$, now they can’t do that. So you must understand the important of unique & quality full content.
There are some rules and regulation for posting, it is great 100% unique content with 400-600 words /characters.

02. Keyword Density/Staffing:
Many bloggers face losses for over optimization of his blog. They think, by keyword staffing or follow other techniques they can improve his blog in Google search but it is false. By this way risk is greater than benefit. So you must follow keyword density rules and using Keyword Tools for choosing low competitive keyword with high tariff.

03. Guest Blogging:
Guest Blogging

Now many blogger don’t guest blogging but guest blogging is more essential for improve his blog in search result. So we should guest blogging in authentic sites.
What is the output of the Guest blogging?

Guest blogging give feed back in two ways:
01. Good quality authentic backlinks, which is better for your sites
02. Get huge target visitor in your site.
04. High page rank backlink:
We create huge backlinks that are measure as spamming. So we must create high page rank backlink but in a legal way or naturally and give important on dofollow backlinks, because one dofollow backlink is better than 40 nofollow backlinks.

For creating high page rank backlink what we do?

Social bookmarking.
Forum posting
Guest blogging
Link while
Relevant blog comment
RSS submission
Directory submission

Many people use software for creating backlink but Google can identify that and it is harmful for your site so never buy backlinks .
When you create a new post try to create 4-7 high page rank dofollow authentic backlink on the basic of your post permalink

If you want drop your opinion below the comment box.

Page Rank (PR) 8 Dofollow (edu,org,gov) Sites List

Backlinks, Dofollow sites, edu, org, gov, PR) 8, SEO Tips, Off-Page SEO, Page Rank,
Dear friends high page rank dofollow backlinks  make your website strong in search engine.Today i share Page Rank 8 dofollow edu,org,gov site list.Just create account below those site and give your blog or site url in the profile information.

Page Rank(PR) 6 Dofollow Blogs List

Page Rank,PR 6, Dofollow,Blogs,List
Dear Friends today i share some PR 6 Dofollow Blogs list that helps you create quality backlinks and improved your site page rank/search position.

Benefit of Do follow backlinks:

One  Dofollow backlinks is more strong or better than 40 nofollow backlinks so most of the webmaster run after the dofollow backlinks.

For that reason i share 14 dofollow blog site for make your job easy.

Page Rank(PR) 6 Dofollow Blogs List:


Page Rank(PR) 5 Dofollow Blogs List

We are always search Page Rank dofollow backlinks.but most are that link are not active or use full for create backlinks.Now i share some dofollw blog site list for best SEO performance.1 dofollow backilinks is much strong than 40 no follow backlink so don't wait and kill your time now star your backlinks project for your site make best search position.

Page Rank(PR) 5 Dofollow Blogs List:

    Page Rank PR 5,Dofollow,Blogs,List

49 Bookmarking Sites list with Page Rank

Today i share 49 Bookmarking Sites with Page Rank beside each listed site that easy for you, work with
Bookmarking site & increasing your visitor.Now copy the site name give on the search engine & create account here and start Bookmarking for your blog or site.

49 Bookmarking Sites with Page Rank:









































1 LOOK 4








High Page Rank Directories Submission Sites List with Backlink

High Page Rank,Directories Submission,Sites List,BacklinkFor increasing your visitor, create backlink & Improve your page rank Directories submission sites are most important for us. So I share High Page Rank Directories submission site list that help you for increasing your tariff and get backlink for your blog or websites.

How to Add/Display Your Picture in Search Results Beside Each Blog Post Link

Dear blogger friends today is share an awesome tips How to Add/Display Your Picture in Search Results Beside Each Blog Post Link.(Very Shortly)
Like as:
How to,Add,Display,Your,Picture,Search,Results,Beside,Each,Blog Post Link

Process to Add Picture Beside Google Search Engine:
01.Go to the blogger dashboard
02.Click on layout and add new gadget "About Me"

03.Now go to your Google Plus profile 
04.Click on profile next go to about page
05.After that go to Links and Add your Blog Name & URL here.(Contributor to)

06.Save it.
07.Your process is fully finished just wait 4-5 days after that you see your Google Plus profile picture or image beside blog in Google search engine.

How to check your process completely done or not: 
01.Click this link of Structured Data Testing Tool
Structured Data Testing Tool,Google Webmaster
02. Give your blog URL in the empty box & click on preview.
03.If your process successfully done then you see your picture beside blog URL.

If any one face problem drop your comment below comment box.

How to Solve Duplicate Title Tag Problem in Google Webmaster for

Google Webmaster Tool  Duplicate Title Tag Problem.Ok No Problem i face this same problem & solve this problem by using the following tips,I share this awesome tips below:

How to,Solve,Duplicate Title Tag,Problem,Google Webmaster,Blogger
To fix this problem just follow the below steps:
01. Go to your Google Webmaster Tool.
02. Choose your blog that you want to solve this problem
03. Now go to the Crawl options & select drop down menu "URL Parameters".
04. After that find "m" Parameter if you don't find Add m by your self.
05. Now Select "Yes Changes, reorder or narrow the page content".

How to,Solve,Duplicate Title Tag,Problem,Google Webmaster,Blogger
06. Select "No URLs"
07. Now Saving your setting.
After successfully follow above those steps just wait for 4-5 days and you will the develop in your duplicate title tag problem.

If this method doesn't work
01. Go to your Google Webmaster Tool.
02. Choose your blog that you want to solve this problem
03. Now go to the Crawl options & select drop down menu "URL Parameters".
04. After that find "m" Parameter if you don't find Add m by your self.
05. Now Select "No, doesn't affect page content".
06. Saving this change and  again wait for 4-5 days.
I hope you recover from this problem

4 Killer Tips That Increasing Visits(Traffic) your Website or Blog

4 Killer Tips,Increasing, Visits,Traffic,Website, Blog,way

It is the time of competition so drive Traffic or visitor is in our blog or website is now challenging work. If we work plan fully and regularly we must get smart Traffic, it's not a matter .Increasing your online business you must go to right way & use right Traffic Tools. Top Affiliated Blogger use those tools or technique.4 Killer Tips for increasing Traffic your blogs or website are give blog:

4 Killer Tips for Drive Traffic:

01. Article Marketing:
Now this present time article marketing is the way to drive huge visitor to your blog.
For good Article Marketing what you do?
a) 1st write 700/1000 words article.
B) 2nd you use primary keyword 3 times, other use relevant Keywords.
c) Write an article same subject.
d) Original written article only published your own website or blog.
e) Now Use Article rewriting tools and rewrites your blog article.
f) After that published your rewritten article High page rank Article publisher site.

02. Social Media:
There is no way to avoid Social Media. It’s not only drive traffic visitor but also help to get strong back links for your blog or website.
Some Important Social Media Site List is give below: etc

=>Hot Post: Top 500 PR 2+ Do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites

03. Blog Comment:
Blog comment is the great way to drive tariff. Blog Comment gives huge traffic beside give strong visitor your blog. You must relevant blog comment because Google like relevant blog comment otherwise it be spamming. You can get 50-100 visitors by 1 blog comment.
High PR DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List

04. Forum Posting:
Forum Posting is another great way to drive visitor and strong back links, Un relevant Forum marketing, Spamming Forum Site is look as a Black hat way to SEO. So just create profile on Forum site give your website or blog link on your profile. (Such as: Add Website, blog, Signature...etc)
Top 92 Forums List for Webmasters

SEO Stop Words Where Use or Not

SEO, Stop Words, what,where,use
As you select that keywords to focus on, it's necessary to grasp what SEO Stop words ar and why you ought to avoid exploitation them in certain places on your web site. it's necessary to understand what they're and once it's applicable to use them, since SEO Stop words dilute the load of your a lot of necessary keywords once indexed by search engines.

Best 10 Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Who are work on SEO sectors they know what is the important of Keyword Research.I want to said that,If you don't Keyword Research properly it will be very hard to reach your goal.So Keyword Research is essential for every webmaster or SEO worker .There are many tools for Keyword Research but now i share 10 Top SEO Tools for Keyword Research.

Know about when Google Bot come to your Blog

Know, about, when, Google Bot, come, to your Blog,
Friend you know when Google Bot come to your blog,Today i share this small and useful tip.To know, when Google Bot come to your Blog just go to this website give your blog URL and click on "Check Google Bot Last Visit"

After that you get some code and add this code in your blogger .

How to Manually Index your Blog Post Search Engine

Dear Friends today i share a unique tips How to manually Index your blog each post Search Engine within a Second,Really it's like a Magic.It's a very small and useful tips that help your blogging life.
Way to ,Manually, Index ,Blog Post,google,yahoo,bing,search,engine
Way to Manually Index your Blog Post:
For Google Search Engine:
Submit your URL to

Log in your blogger Gmail and give your blog post each url and give captcha  correctly..

Top 55 High Page Rank Dofollow Blog Comment Site For Make Strong Backlinks

Top, 55 High, Page Rank, Do-follow,Blog Comment, SiteDear Friend collect below top 55 High Page Rank Blog Comment Site for strong back-links and start comments.

Recent Updated Top 20 High Page Rank Dofollow Blogs Comment List

do follow,blog,comment,list,logo,seoEvery SEO Expert  Run after Top High Page Rank Dofollow Blogs Comment sites because blog comment give back links beside huge visitors for your website and blog.I Find out 20 High Page Rank Do follow Blogs of 2013 and share it below just collect it and start your comments for your blogs.

18 Instant Back links Approval High Page Rank Site List

Back links Approval High Page Rank Site ListWhen we SEO of any blog or websites than we need to create strong Back links,So we run after how to create Strong Back links but every High page rank Back link doesn't work.So it waste our time now I give 18 Instant Backlinks Approval High Page Rank Site List which approve your link as a Back link Instantly.