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How to get Free .COM Domain

Do you want to Free .COM Domain.No problem today i bring a tips.Just doing small task you can get a full free .COM Domain.That means it save your 10$ dollar for buying a domain.
How to,get Free,.COM Domain

How to get Free .COM Domain:

02.And Create a free account.when you create free account you automatically get 10 point bonus.but you have to collect 40 point to take Free .COM Domain.
03. just promoto your referal link to your friends who are interest to get free domain.
04.If you can't do that just create 15 Email account & create 15 account by your referral link.
05.All most done.Now you can enjoy Free .COM Domain.
Thanks every one.. 

[N.B: This promotional offer is Depend on this company.]

If any one interest to Buy Domain i personally recommending you take domain from Recently i buy two domain from here & there customer services is awesome.
If any one face problem just comment below.

How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) -100% Working

We know the important of the Virtual Credit Card (VCC) .virtual Credit Card is needed for the many activities.such as buying domain hosting,creating verified paypal account .There are many ways that share in the various blog or web page but most of them not working.
For that reason Today i share a tips here you can get a free Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

Process of Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC):

01.Go to this Site.
02.Here select your country & give your valid mobile Number Such (1722000001)
How to,Get Free,Virtual Credit Card,VCC
03.Now give Captcha Code and click the Call Me Button. Now you get a call & received it. Most of the time first call automatically cut down. Just wait with in 10-15 second you get a another call  received  it and when you listen beep tune now you give your personal 4 digit PIN & remember it.
How to,Get Free,Virtual Credit Card,VCC
04. Now Go to the right side you get My Account option here you select your country & give your mobile number and your PIN Number-Login it.

How to,Get Free,Virtual Credit Card,VCC
05.Give your name and your Email Address -Save it.
06.Finally you get a free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Just remember the last 3 digit beside VCC & all information.
How to,Get Free,Virtual Credit Card,VCC

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Free Facebook Using offer of Grameenphone(GP)

Dear friend Grammenphone give free facebook using facalitites for it's subscribers.So many GP user enjoy this offer.I think Grammenphone keep this offer longtime for goodwill & long run business plan.There five mobile phone operator company in Bangladesh. Airtel already gives this offer before GP.
So Today i discuss how to use free Facebook in GP SIM (Internet).It is a very small tips for that you have to small task.
01.Download & install Opera mini for your hand set.
02.Now just give "" in your opera mini browser Address bar & press enter.
03.It's go to you, now use unlimited facebook with out any cost or internet MB.

01.Unlimited Facebook browsing facilities but this offer depend on the Grameenphone.
02.When you use facebook picture or image cannot be show and it will be named as "Picture or Image" when you click on it picture show but standard charge may be apply.

Recently GP give high quality 3G services.Now it coverage limited area but with in few monthes it spread over the all districts. 

How to Increase your Copy Paste Speed by Super Copier Software

Dear Friend today i teach how to increase your Data copy paste speed by super copier (2.2) software.If you don't have this software download from below download link.
Super Copier 2.2
(Log in your gmail account download from Google drive)
Now setup this software your computer.before setup if you install any other copy paste related software please remove it and setup this download .exe file in your computer.
Now this is the question -  
How Increase Copy Paste Speed of your  Super Copier Software?
Just following the below instruction & see screen shots:
01.Run your software from windows start menu.
02.Now Starting your expected copy paste data pc from other device (Pen drive)
03.When you starting copy then appear picture below like that
How to,Increase,Copy Paste Speed,Super Copier Software
05.There have a Unfold option now click here.
How to Increase,Copy Paste Speed,Super Copier Software
06.Now enable your copy spreed limit & click on Fold up
Your task is completed, enjoy super copy paste data speed by Super Copier Software.

* Speed depend on your computer configuration if your PC with high configuration you get high speed.

How to Fix Error This Connection is Untrusted (within 2 Minutes)

How to,Fix Error,This Connection is Untrusted,within 2 Minutes
Before some days ago i face same problems browsing internet even i can't sign in Gmail,Facebook & others account . My browser show  This Connection is Untrusted in Firefox & The Server’s Security Certificate Is Not Yet Valid  on Google Chrome browser for that reason i search on Google how to fix this Connection is Untrusted and i find Awesome tips.This tips is very easy and if you face same problem you can do it within 2 minutes or less time.Below i share this tips:

"" Use Full Free Facebook On Airtel Sim in BD

That Good News For Bangladeshi Airtel User Now you can use free Facebook all day long
For That Just  Type to Enjoy free Facebook offer in Airtel & unlimited browsing facebook with out any cost or MB.I think Airtel keep this offer long time for create position in customer mind.Recently GP also give this offer.

*This Offer is Time Determine on
* For See picture when your using facebook standard charge may be apply.

Run One More Skype Account to your PC With Out Software

Run One More Skype Account to your PC With Out Software
Dear Friends Today  give awesome tips "Run One More  Skype Account your PC With Out Software"in a easy way
For That Follow The Below Instructions:
01.Setup or install Skype on your PC
02.Next Quit Skype